Sunrise Makes My Heart Sing

Sunrise Makes My Heart Sing” 10″ x 12″/25cm x 30cm Oil on canvas board SOLD


  • Shagufta Zafar says:

    Lilla ,congratulations for your website!It is beautiful like your paintings!I looked for the prices but couldn’t found.I feel that if prices are also available on the website then people can take quick decisions about buying.And for me it is an insight for selling my paintings when time comes as I have not sold any of my paintings yet and always feel unsure to price my paintings.

    • Thank you so much, Shagufta! You are completely right about the need for prices and I haven’t done it yet only because my plan is to connect a shop part to the website in the very near future. This is my next planned step and it is urgently needed at this stage… I am grateful for your feedback and it gives me even more motivation to create and connect the shop part. Best wishes, Lilla xx

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