Lilla Fludra Art

 Vibrant, textured paintings in oils

Joy, Harmony, Inspiration

I paint seascapes, landscapes, still lifes; mostly in oils. My art is about experiencing life with wonder and joy, about moments that touch me with their beauty.

In my summer studio

About My Art

My art is about experiencing life with wonder and joy.  It is about finding poetry and magic in the places I visit and the objects I own or happen to come across.

I usually paint in oils, using the alla prima, wet-on-wet technique. My paintings are colourful and rich in texture.

I particularly love painting seascapes – the spaces that awaken the feelings of freedom, harmony and joy, so that they can be re-lived when everyday life becomes mundane or stressful. 

I hope that viewers will respond to my art emotionally and perceive a little bit of the same poetry that moved me to create.

Collage of some of my recent seascapes

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