About Me

My love of painting and creative endeavours has been with me all my life, supported by the beautiful environment I grew up in and by my family – great admirers of art.  

In 1983 I graduated from Architecture at Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland, where the coursework, beside the design subjects, included a generous amount of art history, drawing, painting and sculpture. For the next four years I worked as an architect on many diverse projects, including two national award-winning designs. 

Then, in 1988, a major change occurred in my life – my husband, a scientist, accepted a position at University College London. We settled in West Sussex together with our young daughter, and soon after I was working as an architect once again. 

My dreams of painting never left me, though. After a few more years of architecture, in 1995/1996 I attended the Foundation Course in Art and Design at Basingstoke College of Technology, where I was introduced to a variety of art subjects, gaining experience in painting, printmaking, textile design, sculpture and ceramics.  

Another exciting change in my life happened when in 1996 I moved with my family to Columbia, MD, USA. I gradually began to paint more and after a while I became more active in the art world too, taking part in some shows and competitions.

In April 2004 we returned to the United Kingdom and settled in Oxfordshire. I have continued to paint, engaging with the local artists’ community. In November 2014 I was elected to become a member of the Oxford Art Society.